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Rules of Thirty30 Padel

Traditional padel rules apply. Except:


A match consists of the best of one or three or five sets.


Scoring is identical to traditional padel except every game starts at 30-30, i.e. "thirty-thirty" - Thirty30 - the clue is in the name!

At the start of each 'SHORT GAME' the score of "Thirty-Thirty" will be announced.


If a set reaches 6 games all, a '9-point tie-break' (first to 5 points, sudden death at 4-4, as per 'SHORT SET TIE-BREAK' as detailed in Appendix V of the 2022 ITF Rules) is played to decide the winner of the set by 7 games to 6.


There is no tie-break played in the final set. The final set must be won by leading by 2 clear games, i.e. 7-5 or 8-6, for example. Note: A Thirty30 final set can also be used as a 3rd set match decider during a traditional 3 set match.


Players shall still serve alternate games.

However, during a set 'change of ends' is only 'after the first two games and then after every four games'.

Players shall also change ends at the end of each set.


Players alternate who serves first at the start of each set, i.e. Player A serves first in sets one, three and five. Player B serves first in sets two and four.


Additional Optional Rule

To further shorten matches an additional alternative to the Thirty30 (T30) scoring method is:

Thirty30+ (T30+) ("thirty-thirty-plus") where the “No Ad” Rule is used, resulting in a maximum of three points per game.

Or optionally, during a game, after say three deuces, a ‘sudden-death’ point may be played to decide the game - Service Receiver to choose 'deuce' or 'advantage' side.

This ensures a maximum number of points played during any one game is only 7 points.

The score of “deuce 1” ('Golden' Deuce), “deuce 2” ('Silver' Deuce) and “deuce 3” ('Bronze' Deuce) are called out.

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