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  • Mark Milne

Discussing the advantages of Thirty30 Padel - a shorter and faster-paced scoring format

Thirty30 Padel does not upset the fundamental scoring system of conventional padel and maintains the DNA of traditional padel.

(1) Sets to 6 games (lead by 2) are retained.

e.g. a best-of-3 sets match can be won by 7-6(3), 2-6, 8-6 - the match result looks identical to that produced using the traditional scoring method.

(2) The 'deuce / advantage points exchanges / grinds' is retained. The use of the "Golden Point" is optional.

(3) The tie-break played at 6-games all to decide a set is retained.

(4) Winning "2 points in a row" to win a game is retained.

(5) The traditional final Advantage set (lead by 2 games) is retained.

All unlike the other shorter scoring formats!

Thirty30 Padel produces:

- shorter, faster moving, more dynamic and more “bite-size” intense exciting periods of play, ideal for the younger generation and for television / streaming, etc.

A set is completed in no longer than 20 minutes; best-of-3 sets in 40-60 minutes and best-of-5 sets in 60-90 minutes.

- shorter matches or events that are less physically demanding, easier on the body and helps longevity.

- padel matches that FEEL, LOOK and SOUND like traditional matches and "Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!" - every second point played is a game point!

- more unpredictable sets - there are more opportunities created to break serve – the receiver has only to win one out of the first two points to take the game to deuce.

Some benefits and advantages of Thirty30 Padel are:

- The 'doubled-up' Change of Ends Rule (See Rule #2 below) is great for playing doubles. After the initial 2 games are played, all 4 players serve before changing ends again. This halves the total number of Change of Ends during a match and increases the efficiency of time spent on court.

- The transition from the traditional scoring method to the Thirty30 scoring method and back again is seamless for players, audiences and officials. The rules are extremely similar and very simple.

- 100% focus and concentration is required 100% of the time. There is no opportunity to switch off. The quality of a Thirty30 match is higher.

- Starting every game from 30-all (30-30), announced “thirty-thirty" to differentiate it from traditional padel, creates a set of padel where the dynamics are changed – the set's game scores tick along more rapidly. There are more ‘big points’ and there are less meaningless points and less dead periods during a match. End-of-set’s dramas are reached more quickly (and more often if playing best-of-5 sets).

- Matches build in a similar fashion to traditional padel.

- A great way for kids to develop set play.

- Helps promote competition by encouraging players to play the shorter Thirty30 sets.

- Also, a Thirty30 final set (lead by 2 games), used as a ‘3rd set match-decider’, provides a more fitting and fairer climax to a 3 set match than the now commonly used Match Tie-Break (10 points).

- A greater number of Thirty30 matches can be completed in the same time, e.g. a tournament ‘Session’ will have more matches and spectators will see more players compete.

- The shorter length matches ensure a quicker turnaround of matches and is ideal for round-robin and compass draw format events, i.e. players will play more matches against more opponents in the same time.

- A Thirty30 Padel "Grand Slam" Competition playing best-of-5 sets matches (match length 60-90 minutes) can be played.

Thirty30 Padel can be used:

- To invigorate padel and to attract youngsters to start playing.

- For social / mixer club events.

- During a typical indoor or outdoor court booking time-slot of one hour, a best-of-3 sets Thirty30 match can be completed.

- When competitions / tournaments or events have suffered from rain delays and matches are required to be shortened in order to complete the event.

- Where competition Referees are limited with number of courts and too little time.

- To shorten inter-club league's match nights.

- For Exhibition, Pro/Am, Legends/Seniors events, as crowd warm-up matches at major events.

- Shorter matches make it possible to play more matches in the same time frame.

By playing the shorter “mini Grand Slam” best-of-5 sets Thirty30 matches, that are completed in less than 2 hours, would provide the opportunity of holding joint men's and women's World Cups together at the same Venue.

i.e. hold a "Thirty30 Padel World Cup" (Women / Men / Mixed) in a similar fashion to the "Twenty20 cricket World Cup" every 2 years - that would be very exciting for everyone involved.

The innovative "Thirty30 'Big Smash' Mixed Gender Team Padel" match format that is a unique combination of using the Thirty30 tennis scoring format and a progressive match scoring method can be used for the 'Mixed' World Cup - for further information see:

Also, introducing Thirty30+ Padel, a faster version of Thirty30:

Intoducing Thirty30+

Thirty30 Padel – FEELS, LOOKS and SOUNDS like traditional padel!

Thirty30 Padel – Where EVERY Point REALLY Counts!

Thirty30 Padel – Have You Tried It Yet?

Any questions? Please contact:

Mark J Milne, Arbroath, Scotland

Creator of Thirty30 padel

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